Friday, May 26, 2006

West Wing

There is a wonderful write-up that gets to my recent obsession with the West Wing. It is absolutely amazing. "An alternate universe that soothes." And what can I say other than Alan Alda! If you haven't watched any West Wing- Rent it!

Below is the post, stolen from here.

"West Wing RIP
My growing immersion in an alternate universe isn't particularly unusual. My favorite science fiction show of all time has been canceled. The West Wing is a wonderful alternate universe that soothes, reassures and uplifts.

In my alternate universe, the United States of America is run by people who share my values. They aren't perfect, indeed as a group they are flawed and human, but they are also heroic and loyal. They are witty and their conversations are literate, skewed to the left, and their compassion for the little guy is woven into every word they utter. In my alternate universe, the President of the United States can use the word nuclear without making me ashamed. He agonizes over policy that goes against his religious beliefs but would never force those beliefs down the throats of others. In this wonderful universe the president is surrounded by people who worry about the quality of our schools and the environment. They have fought to improve healthcare and raise the standard of living for every American. They don't serve the interests of big business or betray the trust of the people who put them in office. They haven't pissed off overy other country on the planet and I am not ashamed to have them represent me or speak on my behalf to the rest of the world."

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