Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not Who am I, but Where am I

Some may ask where am I these days, or what am I doing with myself...
In answer to such questions, I am left only to ponder where in fact have I been.

I have been sitting in cow dung searching for last nights dinner.
I have been everywhere at once, so as to dilute the present moment.
I have been fading into the oblivion only to find...
I have been learning the differences between html, xhtml and dhtml. The answer: seemingly not much. And apparently Java is a dirty language?! Even dirtier than French!
I have been lost in the code, and searching for the art in it.

I have been overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities for my life; exploring those futures that exist only in dreams.
I have been reaffirming decisions that I made long ago.
I have been transitioning. Just sitting; being still. I have been running; quickly and in all directions. I have been eating; in carefully selected and portioned bites, and shoveling large pieces of processed meats and pastas into my gullet.

I have been reading lots, and been lost reading.
I have been drinking little, smoking even less, and exercising some.
I have been moving at a relatively constant speed, forward.
Moving steadily closer, or at least in the same general direction, toward my goal.
A goal to become a futurist, rehashing the past to create a more interesting present.