Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It was only ever going to be a 2 person Democratic Race!

Just when I was getting caught up in the excitement of true democracy in America, I was confronted with the power of persuasion.

John Edwards and his policies must have scared the corporate media. They had it decided a year ago that this would be a "two person race", and John Edwards wouldn't be in it. Now its just down to the power plays between Barack Obama & Bill Clinton...

The house that John Built>

I'm flabbergasted by the subtle and incessant ploys that are necessary for politicians to get their ideas out through the mass media filter. It is the power of persuasion, and people are more than willing to vote based on their fickle feelings, rather than sound research or judgment on policy.

The media continues to play a role beyond that of objective observer reporting facts. With the current state of things, media presentation is filling up more and more of the media landscape with insider politics and gossip columns, rather than thoughtful analysis. It will only get harder to filter through all the information to the important gems that allow one to make sound judgments in a national election. What to do, what to do?!

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