Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ruminations on Art

Taught to me by a good friend of mine; but a lesson I'm still learning...

Art is not must be torn up and pieced back together...only then does its meaning get extracted and used, put back into the real world moments of our lives. Otherwise it is destined to exist only in the abstract mind of the artist.

Photographs are not precious...they are to be copied and distributed like pop art hung on a teenager's wall...they are to be scratched and duplicated, colored, plastered and glued; sewn, soddered and fired. Photographs must be tangibly displayed...they must extrude from the safe and clean boundaries of the picture frame, only to invade and challenge our emotional landscapes. They are meant to be reflections of our true nature; not snapshots of our perfect selves.

Images for now! Not memories captured for later.

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