Tuesday, March 07, 2006

There's A World of Possibilities

Just a quick note to share an awesome radio program that I discovered on this world of wired communications we call the internet. A World of Possibilities is one of the few politically geared programs that gets it; as opposed to ranting and raving about everything that is wrong with the West, it gets working on finding solutions.
It has programmed intelligent discussions on Globalization, climate change, poverty, Katrina, the Tsunami; really all of our current and looming global problems. But as opposed to culture jamming, it is action oriented.
I've always been interested in solving problems bigger than myself; perhaps just the study of problem solving itself. It is a wonderfully complex study!

One thought provoking show is entitled Global Media and the Conversational Commons. It deals with how new forms of media (such as internet radio and podcasting) are transforming how we communicate as a global culture. With the introduction of cheap cell phones, internet radio, video and the likes of Skype, etc. we are now able to communicate globally. And I don't just mean the elite classes that could afford to travel and pay long distance phone rates...now everyone can join in the discussion! We can share in the lives and stories of other cultures. In fact A World of Possibilities often airs the stories of people living in small, troubled parts of the world that rarely get a global audience.

I still remember the day when I was in the Dublin airport, and first caught a full half-hour BBC newscast devoted to the continent of Africa. In the West, growing up, it was as if there was a media blackout for anything that wasn't internal.

Just check it out: A World of Possibilities

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